Monday, January 9, 2012

The gluten continues...

It has been awhile since I wrote last! I've been putting pictures on facebook, and sort of forgot to blog..I also realized, that as I continue to eat gluten, this turns into The Chronicles of my unhealthy diet! 

Some highlights are...

  • Matza Ball Soup: delicious!!!!! Made my Grandma Char. Those things are WAY more filing than I could have possibly thought!
  • Burrito-- I had one from Qdoba. I liked it! Not too bad. Way too much food.
  • Bourekas-- I tried these today and WOW they were awesome. The kids in Hebrew school made them with cheese and tomato sauce in them.
  • Chinese food- this has opened up a whole new world. I have been able to eat WHATEVER I want at Chinese restaurants, and share with others. I have never been able to do this before, because I need to order things in such a boring way (nothing deep fried, no soy sauce, etc)
  • Leinenkugel Berry Weiss-- I know, I know. It tastes like Juicy Juice. But I happen to LIKE Juicy Juice, and not the taste of it works out well! One (such as my mom) might ask...why not just drink Juicy Juice? Well, because drinking a beer is still a novelty at this point.
  • Turtle Chex Mix-- need I say more? :-)
  • Ice cream cone from Dairy Queen: WAY too much food. I could barely get down to the cone part. I actually felt a little bit queezy eating that much ice cream. That quickly (it melts so you kind of have to inhale it, as opposed to when you eat it with a spoon- it melts comfortably in the bowl).
  • Twix- GREAT candy option.
  • Eggos- These taste JUST like gluten free waffles, which I am not crazy about. So, no-go on the waffles. GF folks: Vans GFree= Eggo's
I'm sure there is more but that's what comes to mind. I have to confess..I recently bought a box of GF Annie's shells and cheese-- I like GF food!! Sorry guys, I think it's tasty. Not to say I don't like all of these new foods I'm trying, but I would not find it tragic if I end up with a positive CD test. I go back on Jan 17 (a date I will not forget-- Grandma Gloria's 27th birthday) take the blood test, having 2 months worth of gluten in my system. We'll see how it goes! I don't actually have my hopes up either way..I just want to know. If it's negative, it's a pretty good indication that I was misdiagnosed, but if it's positive, I'd probably need to get another endoscopy to see if there's intestinal damage (if I have any MD readers, please comment on whether or not this is logical!).

PS-I have not gained 100 pounds, fortunately. I do not ONLY eat carb-filled junk food :)

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