Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baby Bagel and a Brewski

Thanks to Michelle, she reminded me that the last time I ate a bagel was also photographed! I should have known then that it was all a lie! It would be pretty cool if I knew how to photoshop a beer into the other hand :)

Tonight I tried beer! Beer lovers..prepare to shutter...My first beer was Bud Light Lime! I actually didn't hate it. I understand that it's not a fantastic beer, but it lacks that obnoxious after taste that EVERY gluten free beer has (Red Bridge, New Grist, Bard's, and a few others). It did not taste terrible. Miller light however- WOW that's absolutely disgusting!!! I had two sips I could not stand it. I will not say that I'll NEVER acquire a taste for it..but seriously? Are people just pretending that it tastes good or does it actually taste good? 
The Bud Light Lime actually got better as I sipped on it. Until it got warm, then it was gross. The bar tender's rationale for the Bud Light Lime: he said that if he gave me a "good" beer, I would probably hate beer forever, so he had to give me a really light one. I appreciate the effort he put into it. Anyway, those are my day 5 adventures! Still symptom free, by the way!

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