Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Delicious Journey

Ok...so I've never really had a blog before. However, instead of clogging up all my beautiful Facebook friend's feed, I figured I would make a separate space to chronicle every time I eat a cracker (which aren't THAT good by the way..). So just to catch everyone up to speed, here is a [brief] timeline of the last 24 years:

1987: Born
1988-1989: Didn't gain weight
1989-1990: Diagnosed with Celiac after a million other tests
1990-2011: Spent a RIDICULOUS amount of money on gluten free food, was denied from health insurance companies due to having a preexisting condition, did not eat food at birthday parties, never had beer, challah, pizza, or any other equally delicious or important things.
11/11/11: Told there there is a 97% change I was misdiagnosed. The only way to tell will be to eat gluten for 2 months and see if I either a) get symptoms, or b)test positive for Celiac in January

And that brings us to the present. I will use this blog to talk about the different foods that I try over the next few months, give some reviews...and also share whether or not I am still alive.

PS: This is VERY weird for me. Imagine if someone told you for your WHOLE LIFE that something was poison and that you should not eat it..it could KILL YOU..or at least give you AWFUL symptoms..and then they said, "eh...try it for awhile, why not?!"

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  1. This is so exciting! I hope you introduce each new food on a different day, to really appreciate each one! I eat the foods i love so often i take them for granted. Toby makes delicious dinners each nite and some nites lying in bed I realize i forgot to thank her for the delicious dinner, or even worse, i can't remmeber what we ate!! This blog is a great idea, you can look back and re-live the excitement later, and god-forbid there is any new symptoms, you can track which foods you ate at the time, hopefully only get rid of those few that cause symptoms but keep all the other glutens

    And to post this, i needed to enter a verification word, and the word google chose was GLUBFr.... Gluten Be Free!!