Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cheez Its and Chicken McNuggets

It's been a few days since my last blog post so I'll try to remember my gluten adventures! It looks like that last I wrote, I had tried that delicious bread from Jim's Bistro and that was Sunday night.

Monday, if I recall correctly, I did not try any new gluten (BORING). I have continued, however, to love on those Honey n Oat granola bars! I think I've actually been losing some weight by skipping a big unhealthy snack and eating one of those per day instead. They're super good.

Tuesday, upon the FIRM recommendation of my sister, I tried a brownie with peppermint cake pop from Starbucks! That was pretty yummy!! I only ate half of it, because I just don't eat mass amounts of sweets, but that was pretty damn good. It was different than something gluten free in that it was much lighter (density wise, not calories!). I also had Cheez-its! Let me tell you...not what I expected. At the beginning, it tastes AWESOME..but what is up with that aftertaste? Not cool. I think goldfish might be better in the aftertaste department. I ALSO had a California Roll with mock crab meat that had wheat in it (zero difference between gluten free and gluten full mock crab meat).

Today, I had my VERY first Chicken McNugget Mighty Kids meal!! I did enjoy the taste of chicken nuggets...I would get them again. I WAS surprised by the little space between the meat and the floury one warned me about that! Also, I asked for honey, and they forgot to give it to me :( . They were pretty good though. You know what tastes the same or even a little BETTER?? Applegate Farms Organic Gluten Free chicken nuggets. I also had one of those sugar cookies with frosting- they were tasty but I could only eat about half! Also, much lighter than a gluten free cookie (most gluten free baked goods end up like rocks).

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I hope to try a few new things! So far, my thoughts are that gluten free food is actually not too shabby. I think that some gluten lovers might just have an unhealthy relationship with food ;-). So far, the only things that have WOW'ed me have been: Gardetto's, hot dinner rolls, and an everything bagel (Oh yeah...And the prices!!!!!).

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!!!!

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  1. I'm dying to hear about Thanksgiving!!! Need another blog!!!