Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gluten Challenge Day 5: Bagel for Breakfast, Beer for Dinner

So, this morning, I had a bowl of oatmeal again! As it turns out, Quaker oatmeal might have been considered gluten free the whole time. Upon more research, they say, "Because oats are grown, stored, transported in bulk, they may contain trace amounts of wheat, rye and barley. USDA grain standards allow a certain percentage of other grains to be present in the oats. Therefore, gluten may be found in oats, even if very small amounts of these other grains are present." . So..."trace amounts"...meh..I'd probably eat these even if not on a gluten challenge.

Later though....I HAD A BAGEL!!!! I had an everything bagel thin with lox and cream cheese. When I ordered, I told them it was my first bagel, and they were in shock. They said, "Ever?! How can this be your first bagel EVER?!" They said they were happy I chose Einstein's; Not happy enough, however, to give me the bagel for free. If someone went to BubbleFast and told them it was their first time touching bubble packaging, I bet they'd give it for free (don't quote me on that!). 
Anyway, it was delicious. It did, again, taste like Glutino brand. I think I'll write them a letter. Everyone who says that gluten free stuff doesn't taste the same, you should probably go ahead and try Glutino. Only problem is, not a huge variety of gluten free bagel flavors. ALSO--- I noticed that a bagel at Einstein's is only $1.09 or something!!! You can get full, for $1?!?!?! There is nothing gluten free that you can get full from that is only ONE dollar.  Oh yeah by the way, there are capers in the picture. I took them off because capers are gross.  9 hours post-bagel and my stomach is feelin fine! I do have a headache, but my "female" intuition tells me it is caused by something else. Fellow GF peeps- how long does it take you to respond to gluten?

Tonight, I had Q'doba mexican gumbo which I eat all the time..but this time I had the tortilla strips. Not that special. But right now, I gotta go because it's $3 pitcher + free wings night! 


  1. Maybe we should put up a sign on the door saying "If you'd never touched bubble before - please let us know". That way we can make sure to honor the occasion with free stuff. I wouldn't hold it against Einstein's though. They did give you about a 400% discount from what you usually pay for bagels. And they took a nice picture of you.

  2. Well, MY bagel wasn't $1.00 haha bagel thin with lox, cream cheese and a hot tea as like $7.50 or something. But if you just want a bagel...super cheap!

  3. Just to be clear, Jenny, beer is not a dinner. Unless you're in college.

  4. You have had bagels...remember the picture! You used to love those little mini-bagels before you Celiac diagnosis...OK so maybe you were to young to remember what they tasted like.

  5. Michelle- I live in a college town, close enough :) and Aunt Elyse, I just posted the pic!