Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm alive!

Just wanted to give an update that I am alive after my gluten feast yesterday! I woke up a little groggy today after sleeping a ton, but that's pretty normal for me. MINOR headache, but nothing too crazy...sometimes I get that from sleeping too much (slept 9 hours). Woke up and had some corn pops and some oatmeal. Corn pops actually pulled a French Silk Ice Cream also! They were a childhood fav, and then they added gluten- and it tastes the same! Companies should stop doing this, don't they know gluten free is what's hot right now?

Anyway, I'm off to Einstein's to get a bagel thin with lox and cream cheese!!! I'm going by myself because everyone is at work :( . I'm going to get an employee to take a picture of my first bagel and I'll share it with you on my next post. A post about bagels and beer can be expected later today....:)

By the way- I have also been eating things that DON'T have gluten in them, but I figured you guys don't care so much about those. But for the record, I ate a sweet potato and clam chowder for dinner. They were gluten free and delicious.


  1. Can't wait to hear the next update!

  2. You really had a bagel thin? REAL BREAD?! And you're leaving us hanging............?

  3. I am alive! I will post an update with pictures when I get home later.

  4. I remember when you slept over at my house in high school and I asked what I could feed you, and you said Corn Pops and a certain brand of fish sticks. And then I later learned that you couldn't even eat Corn Pops anymore because they joined the gluten bandwagon!! I hope this not being a celiac thing works out for you!!