Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gluten Challenge: Days 1-4

So, when the doctor told me to try gluten, I asked him, "well, what do you mean? how much gluten?". He said, "Eat a little goldfish cracker, then a few days later..try a saltine..then a dinner roll". Let me tell you..the THOUGHT of a dinner roll is terrifying. At first, I followed the regimen:
Day 1, 11/12
I tried gluten!! First time in 22 years. Thought on goldfish: I have a feeling Cheez-Its are better. They are pretty good, but this one happened to be stale. I'm willing to try them again, because I bet they are better than this one. Do whole grain goldfish taste the same as regular ones?

Day 2, 11/13
This day, I actually restrained myself and did not have any gluten. However, I notice that not only did I not DIE from the Goldfish...but I didn't even get a stomach ache. Hmmm......

Day 3, 11/14
Cracker day!! I was supposed to have a saltine...but I didn't have access to one. So I ate one of those Toppers crackers instead. I was seriously so nervous..I called my mom and said, "I CANT believe I'm about to eat a CRACKER on PURPOSE!" I put a piece of swiss cheese on it, because crackers are boring. It was pretty good but....it tasted the SAME as Glutino crackers. The same.

During the day, I did actually have a bit of a stomach ache. However, I decided it might be due to stress. All I was doing was thinking, "hmmm, I wonder if this cracker has digested yet". 
So, after work, I decided, SCREW THE REGIMEN. I went to Wal Mart and bought all kind of yummy things. Things that really "look like gluten" still freaked me out. I would not buy bread, poptarts, pastries, or anything like that. But...later in day 3, I tried:
- Whoppers: Ummmm not very good. I tried 2, and I don't think I NEED another one. Ever. (point of clarification: candies, not hamburgers. Did you really think I ate two hamburgers?)
-Rice in a pouch..but this one had PASTA in it!! I ate like half the bag! Wooo! That was pretty good! It was perfect because it LOOKED like rice, so it didn't freak me out so much.

-Before I went to bed, I had a spoonful of Edy's French Silk Ice Cream..which USED to be my favorite flavor of ice cream until they randomly decided to add gluten to it my sophomore year of college. Let me tell you: It's still delicious..but it tastes the same! No need to add gluten, why would you do that?! 

Day 4, 11/15: 
11/15/11 will now be known as Balls to the Wall day. I woke up and had a bowl of Quaker instant oatmeal (apple cinnamon).  A solid breakfast. Everyone should eat this. Not too heavy, but delicious nonetheless. I HAVE had oatmeal with gluten free oats, but Quaker seems to do it right. My g-free oatmeal is good though. THEN....oh my God. I had reduced fat Gardetto's for a snack- THESE ARE FANTASIC!!!!!!!  Everyone should eat these ALL THE TIME!!! They have WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, AND RYE in them (hence, balls to the wall). The only thing that would make them better would be some M&M's, so that they would have the whole sweet & savory thing going on. 

The best part about day 4: NO SYMPTOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

More to come....I initially said I'd try a challah roll on Wednesday, but I am going to wait until Shabbat (and will say Ha Motzi, and Shehechayanu!!!). Not sure what's on the menu tomorrow...but I think I'll eat corn pops for breakfast!! Oh, and I'm trying beer tomorrow night. Cuz I've never had that. It wasn't legal when I was 2.


  1. Love this blog, Jenny! I'll be following your journey. I hope it turns out you don't have celiac!

  2. can't wait to hear about beer! need any suggestions? :)

  3. The Shehechayanu was my idea! --Annie