Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving, a wedding, and a sandwich!

Sorry- long time no update! I have been crazy busy. But..I have eaten a lot of gluten!! Let me see what I can remember...

The last I blogged it was the day before Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving morning, I tried fried matzah for the first time, made my the one and only fried matzah chef, Mark Le Vine. It was good!!!! WAY better than I expected! Dinner was traditional, gluten free and amazing. Dessert on the other hand....WOW! I tried my first apple pie which was SUPER FREAKIN GOOD...I had a small piece of the pumpkin pie, and bite of a cheesecake brownie- holy cow. I don't have a crazy sweet tooth, I'm learning, but small forkfulls of these things are so tasty! Grandma char was also very excited that I tried her mandel bread. After that, I went to a THIRD Thanksgiving stop, as usual, and tried just a little bit more dessert- a cookie, and a tiny bite of pecan pie. I did not eat ANYTHING bad on Thanksgiving :).
Saturday night...I went to a wedding and tried what has so far been one of my favorite things- a beef potsticker!!! Those do NOT taste at all like what I would have expected. I'm not sure what I expected exactly...but not all of that deliciousness. I also tried a little puff pastry thing with sundried tomato...not really my thing (but beautiful and classy, as was the rest of the wedding).
I'm not sure what else I ate but today's gluten was the best.....drum roll please....I had my first sandwich!!! Those of you who keep kosher..cover your ears/eyes....but I had a pinapple ham sandwich with provolone on a honey whole wheat sandwich thin. I'm not sure what was better..the taste of a sandwich on bread (a first)..or the fact that I, Jenny Mann, was eating whole wheat bread! I also got some other things when I went grocery shopping..including (but not limited to) those thin bagles (everything flavor), honey bunches of oats, and a chicken rice soup (that happens to have wheat in it). Again, I know everyone says to try more sweet things like brownies, far..I must say, I'm more of a savory fan. Aint nothin like an everything bagel, some gardetto's and a potsticker. Til next time....:)

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