Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 6: Mac n Cheese, a Mini Wheat, and a Second Opinion

Today was kind of eventful! I didn't have any gluten for breakfast, besides a small handful of corn pops (some veggies and a g-free granola bar sufficed). For lunch though....they had a huge Thanksgiving lunch at work (which I missed because I was at a training..awesome)...but someone saved me a plate! I tried a bit of mac n cheese and a TINY bit of stuffing-yum! Super tasty. Not gonna lie...Amy's does a pretty good job on the mac n cheese front (the frozen one).  Pretty funny- the girl at work who made my plate said to me (in all seriousness), "The big orange thing is a sweet potato". I kindly informed her that I am not, in fact, an alien...and that I do know what foods look like. Nice gesture though.
I'm finding that gluten free food really isn't AS different as everyone says (aside from Gardetto's. Wow). I know, I know, I haven't had pizza or a biscuit yet. I tried little things here and there today...I tried part of a strawberry snack bar..pretty solid, and a tiny cheese cracker thing which was DISGUSTING. It tasted like Passover. I don't know what brand it was but they where little tiny chedder crackers with cheese between them (not the square kind in a six-pack, I'm sure those are good :-) ). Yo gluten eaters- yo food aint all that. I also tried one frosted mini wheat tonight- also not delicious. I seem to be missing the mark with some things!

Ok side note: I did seek out a second opinion on this whole thing. I e-mailed a different gastroenterologist (Aunt Melissa's dad, AKA the grandfather of the best e-mail writer ever), and he has a little bit of a different take. He reminded me of the possibility that this may be a time in my life that I am asymptomatic, but could develop some problems later. He suggested:

I actually am going to try and contact my old doctor just because it might he interesting to see if they would come up with the same diagnosis now that they know more about Celiac. My mom pointed out that she remembers there being some ambiguity about the diagnosis, before putting me on the gluten free diet.

For now, I think I'm going to keep sampling thoughts are that I don't think I can do TOO much long-term damage over the next two months (I am repeating the celiac test in January).

Sorry, kind of a boring post- I'll get better at blogging with time :)   OH! I decided that if I DO end up going back to g-free lifestyle, I'm going to make this into a blog about yummy gluten free things. But now, I need to sleep because Body Pump starts in four and a half hours! #tigerblood

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