Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blue Moon and [kind of] Pizza

Since I've blogged last, I've had some amazingness, and some not-so-amazingness. Friday night, I went out and figured it was about time to up my beer standards. I tried Blue Moon- man, that actually tastes good, a lot better than Miller Light!! I also tried Corona, also tasty. So far, I'd rank them in order of yumminess: Blue Moon, Corona, Bud Light Lime, gluten free beer, Miller Light.
Saturday, I toned it down again. I've been a little hesitant because I've been thinking about the possibility of long term consequences. I think I might call the doc and ask him if I should be taking it easy or going all out, before the test in January. I did eat another honey and oat nature valley bar- those are super good! I also..uhh tried a little bit of pizza (as pizza won the poll). However, it was Little Caeser's. I had a TINY bite of the crust, and then proceeded to just eat the cheese. FYI for the world- GLUTEN FREE PIZZA IS BETTER THAN LITTLE CAESERS! What in the world is that? I'm gonna go ahead and say I still haven't tried pizza. I also tried some Nacho Cheese doritos lat night (which I had actually tried before, by mistake)- those are pretty good.
Today though....I had part of a warm amazing dinner roll from Jim's Bistro in Peoria. Wow. That's not what gluten free tastes like. I can see why people like to eat 12 of those before dinner even starts. I also had a part of the cheesy bread there which was equally delic. I've always wanted to dip a roll in olive oil! I also had the pleasure of splitting a bag of goldfish with Michelle when she was in Peoria- those are yummy! Much better not stale :).

As of now, I'm proceeding with caution. I'm going to just try little bits of things assuming I don't get symptoms, until I hear otherwise from the doctor. Can't wait for Thanksgiving!


  1. Little Ceasars so isn't worth it! Get up north to Kaisers!!! Good luck with the rest of your experiment. And get to Deerfields bakery for some warm fresh challah!!

  2. The real UNOs or dues. Gino's east is good too. Oh and Connie's is quite yum. Oh but a different style and a personal fav is Barnabies!

  3. Oh Little Ceasars is NOT pizza. You have to try Lou Malnati's for pan pizza and Janet is right...the best thin crust i Barnaby's in Northbrook on Sunset Ridge and Skokie Blvd. across from the hotel. Really good thin crust pizza!