Friday, November 18, 2011

On the 7th Day: haMotzi lechem min ha'aretz

Ok, for those of you who read my blog that AREN'T Jewish (which I'm guessing is a small crowd), that title is the blessing over challah...which I said for the first time tonight. It was very good! It wasn't freshly baked so I still need to try one of those!! I want a nice, warm challah at some point before this experiment ends (I still have a funny feeling that I do, in fact, have Celiac...but it's a fun test!!)
Onto a ridiculous topic- BROWNIES!!!! Wow. Those of you who have told me that my gluten free brownies taste the same as regular ones: Thank you SO much for keeping up the lie for sooo many years. They absolutely do NOT taste the same, as glutenous brownies happen to be gooey and delicious (at least the ones from Harvest Bread Co). I think the closest though are Chocolate Truffle Brownies made by Gluten Free Pantry. I was only able to try about a fourth of a brownie because they are WAY too rich. But it was nice to be able to bring yummy treats to a meeting and be able to try them! I also tried a little piece of a Savannah Bar (blueberry deliciousness) from there, and a TINY sample of a pumpkin cinnamon roll. Annd my stomach is a little bit annoyed, not hurting, just gross, probably from sugar and carb OVERLOAD (those little tiny pieces add up, who knew...). Good thing I worked out this morning!! Rose's Gluten Free Bakery in Evanston, and Apple's Gluten Free Bakery in Peoria have similar items to the Savannah bar and actually taste very good.
I also tried a Honey and Oat Nature Valley bar today. Those are a very solid snack- tasty and a little bit satisfying (those also don't have wheat, rye or barley in them).
Anyway, I might take a gluten break tomorrow just because I'm eating too much probably! I've managed to not gain any weight this week, but I just have eaten lots of sweets, etc. Oh yeah, I tried a triscuit (sp?)-- Those aren't good. I decided to have my cheese sans cracker.
 I think I would still be very much OK with going back to a gluten free diet if I had to. Gluten is good, but the food is so heavy (no offense glutenvores!). I'm not done playing yet though! Going out now- I may stick to Woodchuck tonight, we'll see!

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  1. Hi! We may have met in the past. I know your sister Michelle and grew up in Gurnee. Regular triscuts are kinds of blah, but try a sun dried tomato one, or any of the other flavors (cracked black pepper, roasted garlic, rosemary....etc..). Also you must try multi grain cherrios! I could eat those every day for all my meals!! Glad to hear you are enjoying your quest into gluten land. Hope everything for your test turns out ok.
    ~Sarah Chagdes
    PS. For pizza in gurnee, jimmanos is amazing (but you have to ask for it well done)!! Outside of gurnee, the other restaurants are good too!